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Old Jedi by akyanyme

Jedi Luke Skywalker - then and now

Jedi, Luke Skywalker – then and now


Raised by his uncle. Found by an old Jedi. Rescued a princess. Trained by Yoda. Resisted the Dark Side. Went into hiding and found by Rey… Yet the future of this old Jedi is yet to be written.

Today’s Tee of the Day “Old Jedi” is by México City-based designer akyanyme. His signature vector art has made it onto many of our t-shirt round-ups (including 50 Killer Walking Dead T-Shirts) and today his Star Wars Jedi design is the focus of our attention. “Old Jedi” is one of three new The Force Awakens inspired designs in akyanyme’s episode VII style – the other two being a BB-8 design and a lego Stormtrooper design. All are great designs, but hey – I was searching for the cool Jedi, Luke Skywalker.

Today’s Luke Skywalker T-Shirt spotlight is aimed at fans of the Old Jedi! Wondering where he was? I found him on various tee styles and other apparel!

Old Jedi

What story awaits the honorable elder Jedi Skywalker?

“Old Jedi” Adult T-Shirts – $20.00 USD

Luke Skywalker T-Shirt

Available on men’s and women’s styles; plus tri-blend tees – $29.00USD.

“Old Jedi” Sweatshirts – $38.00 USD

Luke Skywalker T-Shirt

Available on standard and lightweight sweatshirts; plus women’s raglan pullover – $35.00USD.

Available on other colors & styles including Hoodies, tank tops and kids tees ($18.00)

Old Jedi Apparel

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