Brooklyn-based alt-folk-rock band Del Water Gap have released a new track called “Cut The Rope,” which will appear on their upcoming split 7″, dropping this month.

Del Water Gap bandleader S. Holden Jaffe says about “Cut The Rope,” “I wrote this song in a back room at my grandma’s apartment when I was in a real bummer mood about a girl. I started on banjo and finished on guitar. My grandma was in the next room over working on some writing herself, and she’d peek her head in once in a while to check on me. ‘Sounds good! Sounds sad!’ she’d say. We work well together.”

This song brings me back to times sitting in a crowded pub towards the end of the evening, watching people raise their pint glasses, swing them side to side, and sing along to one of the last songs of the night.

So… raise a glass and sing along!

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Kelly Murphy
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