If you’re a tee shopper who is fussy about color, design and theme, and spends hours procrastinating over which graphic tee you like best, then this post isn’t for you. DesignByHumans’ newest addition is for the t-shirt lover and collector. You’re the type who loves surprises, has diverse interests, varied tastes in style, and doesn’t care if the number of t-shirts you own exceeds the number of days in the year!

DBH Collectors Box - For T-Shirt Collectors
Receive two exclusive tees every month without a long-term commitment.

DEATH & REBIRTH - t-shirt collectors boxYou can subscribe to the DBH’s Collector’s Box under a monthly or quarterly subscription and every month you’ll receive two exclusive tees designed by talented DBH artists. In launching the subscription box, DBH chose the theme Death & Rebirth and is showcasing two talented artists who are long standing DBH community members – Wotto & Studio8Worx.

As I type this the clock is counting down, with only 19 days left to subscribe. Opt in for a monthly subscription for $30 (+ shipping) or start collecting for summer and subscribe to the 3 month plan!

To give you an idea of the talent behind the first t-shirt collectors box set, let’s take a look at some other t-shirts by this month’s artists…

Craig Watkins, aka Wotto

Freelance illustrator specializing in character design and unique branding
@wotto76 | Wotto Facebook Page

The Seasons of My Mind

The Seasons of My Mind T-Shirt
“The Seasons of My Mind shows a skull through all four seasons.”


Awaken T-Shirts
“Coffee does the funkiest of things to us humans.”

Running Out of Time

Running Out of Time T-Shirts
“Stare death in the face and own this day of the dead tee.”

Francis Arcega, aka Studio8Worx

Hong Kong-based illustrator and self confessed T-shirt Design addict!
@Studio8Worx | Studio8Worx Facebook Page


Head_Master T-Shirts
“The Last King of Vampire…inspired by watching TrueBlood and reading Vampires Books & Comics.”

Multiple Personality

Multiple Personality T-Shirts
“my alter ego…”

Blood Stained Sword

Blood Stained Sword T-Shirts
“His dangerous… grab this awesome bloodsucker warrior shirt.”

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