Star Wars - Rey

Rey is the arguably the stand-out star in the new Star Wars film (The Force Awakens), and there is no shortage of artistic Rey t-shirts and other apparel design styles on sale and up for grabs right now.

Growing up, we had Han Solo, Vader and some silly droids. The new generation has Rey (among others, but that is a post for a different day).

After an online scavenger hunt, one Rey design that we wanted to showcase is an artistic Rey t-shirt, which comes to us from artist LamontPounds. The new design, simply called “Rey,” is available in either black & white or a full color version. Though it is difficult for me to pick which one I like better, I do lean a hair more towards the black & white version. You can judge for yourself, though!

rey by lamont pounds

While you’re at it, take a look at this cool image of Lamont’s progress with Rey that he shared with his fans during the whole process.


We will be showcasing more Rey designs soon here on Indie Minded, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, keep up with LamontPounds at the following links:

Teepublic Shop | Facebook@LamontPounds | Website

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