Annya Kai
Russia born artist Annya Kai now lives in sunny Berkeley, California where she applies her degree in classical art. As a classical painter very little of Annya’s creative process takes place digitally. Rather, she revels in deconstructing materials to extract maximum color… “Markers are taken apart and used at high concentrations as water-based paint. Minerals are ground for pigments.”

I can picture Annya in her experimental studio, drinking too much coffee and focused on one of her great loves… “making bright, beautiful things that other people will enjoy.” All of which would follow an inspiring hike through the woods, with the open eyes of a passionate animal/ecological conservationist.

This post spotlights 8 of her adorable owl iPhone 6 Cases. Snap cases are available for $28.12 on RedBubble, and illustrations can also be purchased on tough cases ($33.75) and for other iPhone models. For artist signed prints, visit Annya’s Etsy store!

Looking for something to watch over your phone while you sleep? Check out these Cute and Colorful Owl iPhone 6 Cases by Annya!

1. Owl’s First Fall Leaf

Cute and Colorful Owl iPhone 6 Cases
Inspired by jeweled little fashion owls and New England’s gorgeous fall foliage. Hand painted with watercolor, watered down marker, gouache and inks.

2. Fabric Owl Family

Cute and Colorful Owl iPhone 6 Cases
Fabric Owl Family – Hand painted with watercolor, gouache and ink.

3. Lunar Owl

Cute and Colorful Owl iPhone 6 Cases
Inspired in part by StellaLuna, floating dandelion seeds and moonlight. Hand painted with watercolors, watered down markers, gouache and inks.

4. Owl in a Little Red Beret

Owl in a Little Red Beret Phone Case
Fall and winter are wonderful times to bring out all those great colorful knits that have been hiding in the closet all summer long.

5. Grumpy Birds

Grumpy Birds - Cute and Colorful Owl iPhone 6 Cases
Hand-painted using watercolors, gouache and ink.

6. Night Owl Morning Owl

Cute and Colorful Owl iPhone 6 Cases
There are morning people…. and then there’s me. ~ Annya

7. Night Owls

Night Owls - Cute and Colorful Owl iPhone 6 Cases
Watercolor and gouache illustration, finished with a few digital sparkly accents.

8. Funny Owl Family Portrait

Funny Owl Family Portrait

Think these owls are a hoot? Annya also offers them on other merchandise such as bags, throw cushions and mugs.

Cute and Colorful Owl Merchandise

Visit Annya’s RedBubble store now!

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