Gladiola release brand new track.

Boston-based indie rock band Gladiola have released a new track called “Greatest Hits,” which will appear on their upcoming release, This Year’s Storm, dropping on February 12th.

The story goes that rock ‘n’ roll is a young person’s game. So what’s it mean to play rock music in middle age, trying to stay inspired while struggling with the demands of family and work? As Gladiola’s Bill Madden-Fuoco sings: “I’m blasting through my greatest hits / It’s a list of things I didn’t do.”

On Gladiola’s previous album, 2013’s Off You Go, the band was immersed in the stories and perspectives of teenagers, inspired by Madden-Fuoco’s experiences teaching English in Boston public high schools. Now This Year’s Storm travels the compromised world of adults, where even the successful are haunted, like the TV kids’ show host in “Mental Schenectady” who knows “that on the other side of the screen…is burnt foil, toys and trash.” There’s the bittersweet complexity of growing older with someone (“We’re Never Going Back”), the consolations and disappointments of work (“A Little Joy For the Rest,” “First Night In the West,” “Greatest Hits”) and the hard truth of mortality (“A Science to Everything,” “The Uninvited Guest”).

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