Californian graphic designer & illustrator Dennis Salvatier (aka TanoshiBoy) is a professional graphic designer by day, and an illustrator and “part-time pizza eater” by night. His corporate graphics business – Salvatier Studios – specializes in designing effective brand identities for small and mid-sized businesses. His experience is vast and impressive; servicing large clients such as Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, Century 21 and the Coca-Cola Content Factory. When the sun goes down, Dennis develops his personal illustration as “TanoshiBoy”. Both sides to this artist are equally accomplished.

When not at the latest comic book movie incarnation, TanoshiBoy – a lover of comics, music and movies – works on bringing to life his own cartoon style incarnations of his favorite pop culture characters. Included in the “TanoshiBoy” portfolio are Dennis’ “lil BFFs” collections where you’ll discover BFF couplings such as “Han & Chewie” and “Doc Brown & Marty McFly”, as well as a series of best buds of comics – Batman and Superman, Hellboy and Abe Sapien, the Gotham Girls and others.

The “Super BFFs edition” caught my attention and are the focus of today’s spotlight. Pick up the lovable “Superhero BFF” series on t-shirts ($20.00) and other apparel via TeePublic.

Do you feel affection for comic book allies? Pick up Superhero BFF T-Shirts by TanoshiBoy; you’ll love them forever!

Ragna Romp

Ragna Romp - superhero BFF T-Shirt

Red and Blue

Red and Blue - Superhero BFF T-Shirt

Holy Dynamic Duo

Holy Dynamic Duo - superhero BFF T-Shirt

Amazing 80’s Friends

Amazing 80's Friends - superhero BFF Tee

Gotham Girlies

Gotham Girlies - Superhero BFF T-Shirts

Bats Loves Supes

Bats Loves Supes - superhero BFF T-Shirts

TanoshiBoy’s Superhero BFF series are available on more colors & other styles!

Superhero BFF Apparel

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Connect with Dennis (aka TanoshiBoy):
www.salvatierstudios.com | TanoshiBoy on TeePublic | @salvatier | Facebook

NOTE: TanoshiBoy’s “Lil BFFs” are also available as 4″x6″ art prints! Some Mini Print Sets have already sold out – so be fast and pick up the latest collection today.

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