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Cartoon Mulder And Scully Merchandise by Sutexii


Chicago-based “aspiring illustrator” Christina (Chris) H. (aka Sutexii) is “all about cartoons, feminism, space, games, TV and film”. She’s only just a teen and already displays great illustration skills, a real sense of self and focus. I love seeing young talent have access to so many online outlets in which to share and develop their craft. I imagine it provides plenty of motivation to explore, persevere and harness independence as artists.

On Chris’ Society6 & RedBubble stores you’ll discover art inspired by her passions: nature lover, “alien enthusiast”, feminist. It’s not difficult to believe that there are several sightings of X-Files inspired illustrations, and even more unsurprising that F.B.I agent Dana Scully – an intelligent, independent female role model – dominates the series.

Chris also offers commission work (currently open for request) where you can get your favorite characters created in her cartoon style (choose from Bust, Waist-Up and Fullbody) or find out what they’d look like as My Little Pony’s!

This post spotlight’s Chris’ illustrated X-Files agents Mulder and Scully – available on t-shirts (and other apparel) plus iPhone Cases, Clocks, Art Prints, Bags, Mugs, and Throw Pillows.

Do your ears prick up when you hear “Mulder. It’s me.”? Then I don’t need science to convince you to check out cool Cartoon Mulder And Scully Merchandise by Sutexii…


STARBUCK - Scully Cartoon

2. Scully & Queequeg – Fluffy Punks

Scully & Queequeg - Fluffy Punks

3. Mulder And Scully

Cartoon Mulder And Scully Merchandise

4. Scully – Our Lady Of Sorrows

Scully - Our Lady Of Sorrows

5. Spooked Scully

Spooked Scully

6. Mulder & Scully

Cartoon Mulder & Scully Merchandise

7. Spooky Mulder

Spooky Mulder Merchandise

8. Punk Scully

Punk Scully Merchandise

Visit the Sutexii Society6 Store for more great art!

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