Annika Janssen and Sandra Greiling are “YAWN” – two graphic designers from Germany who have been creating illustrations and graphics together since 2009. Their design services include music artwork (& videos in collaboration with OH MY), flyers & posters, logotypes, and impressive illustrative fonts and handlettering. YAWN doesn’t imply boring work. On the contrary, the dynamic female design team have derived their name from the concept of creating work which elicits a response of “Yeah! Awesome! Wow! Nice!”

When not impressing their clients, YAWN applies their talents to topics of personal love and stock their online store with the original results. Explore their Society6 collection and you’ll lose yourself in typographic & illustrative adventure designs along with the focus of today’s spotlight, Harry Potter inspired fan art designs… As the YAWN girls say: “We have read and watched the Harry Potter series both countless times and love it dearly so we created a series of our favorite quotes.”

YAWN’s “Quotes from Hogwarts” collection retell Annika and Sandra’s favorite Harry Potter moments and have magically been made available on adult t-shirts (men’s, women’s and unisex v-necks), other adult apparel and gifts!

1. Library

Library - Harry Potter Quote T-Shirts

2. Three Turns

Three Turns - Harry Potter Quote T-Shirts

3. Always

Always - Harry Potter Tee

4. Sane

Sane - Harry Potter T-Shirt

5. Never leave us

Never leave us - Harry Potter Quote T-Shirts

6. Blimey

Blimey - Harry Potter Typography Tee

7. Something Worth Fighting For

Something Worth Fighting For - Harry Potter Quote T-Shirt

8. Exciting

Exciting - Harry Potter Tee

9. It Is Not Over

It Is Not Over - Harry Potter Quote T-Shirts

10. Great Adventure

Great Adventure - Harry Potter Quote Tee

Connect with YAWN:
www.weareyawn.com | @WEAREYAWN | Facebook | instagram

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