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ONiON'A studio
Barcelona-based indie product & graphic design studio ONiON’A is run by Polish artists Natasza Sałańska & Dawid Żebrowski. Their name is derived from their heritage where ONiONA means “HE and SHE” (“ON i ONA”) and when combined, represents the collaboration of two “opposing elements” – in this case the complimentary artistic attitudes & qualities of Natasza & Dawid. You can read more about their working dynamic on their Facebook page – jump to the end of this post for links!

When not servicing clients by experimenting and developing interesting and unusual products such as wall clocks, lighting/furniture and tableware, ONiON’A produces graphic design including apparel pieces which are made available via their DesignByHumans store. Their store is a celebration of hipster facial hair and hand drawn quotes, the later being the focus of today’s spotlight.

ONiONA’s calligraphy style quotes are originally created in pen with a “rough” aesthetic reflective of black board finishes – a look which is even more effective when digitally reversed for black tees. Quotes cover fun love themes which explore the relationship between love & chocolate, where love can be found, and how to love… remember actions speak louder than words so don’t just tell your valentine about these cool quote tees – gift one today!

Excited for Valentine’s Day? Chalk it up to love with “chalkboard typographic” love quote t-shirts by ONiON’A studio! Available on various colored Adult Tees (men’s and women’s styles) as well as other apparel, phone cases and art prints. Visit their DesignByHumans store for more!

All You need is Love & Chocolate

Love Quote T-Shirts

Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air - Love Quote T-Shirts

Don’t tell Me. Show Me!

Love Quote T-Shirts

Te Amo – I love You in Spanish

Te Amo I love You in Spanish

Awake My Soul

Awake My Soul - Love Quote T-Shirts

Love is a Fire

Love Quote T-Shirts

Hand Drawn Love Quotes - process

Connect with Natasza & Dawid (aka ONiON’A studio):
DesignByHumans Store | | Facebook

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Save 14% off our Valentine's Day Collection with coupon code: MEH.

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