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Ornate Animal T-Shirts by BioWorkZ


L.A. based graphic artist and illustrator Ben Kwok (aka BioWorkZ) was born in Taiwan and as soon as he had mastered chopsticks he was exploring the other uses of his hands, doodling on whatever he could find. Today Ben is a “Graphic Artist by day, Freelance Artist by night” and has serviced blue chip clients such as Converse, RedBull and Disney.

Having been exposed to silk screen printing early in his career, Ben has developed a specialty in apparel graphics. It was also during his formative artistic years when “BioWorkZ” was born – where Ben focused on the creation of “biomechanical illustrations” inspired and driven by a strong love of the work of H.R. Giger. This fundamental influence is still evident in his work today with his online stores full of highly detailed, high contrast illustrations. His style is also perfect for tattoo pieces and if you’re interested, Ben takes custom tattoo requests!

This post spotlights a selection of Ben’s elaborate animal illustrations which he’s made available on t-shirts through his Society6 Store. A mix of patterned areas create the shape and shadow of wild and domestic animals and demonstrate how Ben’s intent is met… “I want the image to be initially striking, and when the viewer gets up close and personal, I want the image to unfold into greater details.”

Express the intricacies of your love for wildlife or domestic furry friends with Ornate Animal T-Shirts by BioWorkZ!

1. Ornate Elephant

Ornate Elephant T-Shirt

2. English Bulldog

English Bulldog T-Shirt

3. Corgi Puppy

Corgi Puppy T-Shirts

4. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros T-Shirt

5. Ornate Owl Head

Ornate Owl Head T-Shirt

6. King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle T-Shirt

7. Cali Bear

Cali Bear T-Shirt

8. Frenchie

Frenchie Bulldog T-Shirt

9. Ornately Decorated Rooster

Ornately Decorated Rooster Tee

10. Bison

Bison T-Shirt

Visit the BioWorkZ Society6 Store for more great ornate animals!

Connect with Ben (aka BioWorkZ):
www.bioworkz.com | BioWorkZ on Society6 | BioWorkZ on RedBubble | @BioWorkZ | Facebook


Fallen for Ben’s work? You can also pick up his ornate work as sticker packs!

ornate animal stickers

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