Homesick by Earth Heart.

New from Boston-based indie garage rock band, Earth Heart, is “Homesick,” the title track to their upcoming debut release, dropping on August 5th.

In 2013, Katie Cordiner (vocals/guitar) happened to meet Matt Axten (drums) at All Asia Cafe in Cambridge, MA as she was looking for a drummer to accompany her solo show the very next day. Without hearing the music and no time for rehearsal, Matt volunteered to play the show and they never looked back. Katie and Matt continued as a duo and have been making music as Earth Heart ever since.

Along the way, the duo wrote and recorded five self-released EPs and performed extensively across the Boston area, including TT the Bear’s Place, The Middle East, Zuzu, O’Brien’s, and more. Recorded at Napoleon Complex in Somerville, MA, Homesick is Earth Heart’s first professionally recorded album. Although they chose to record Homesick in a studio, Earth Heart definitely didn’t lose the brash, rough around the edges sound they’re known for. They also added Natan Keyes on bass this past January to help round out their sound. 

To this day, Katie and Matt work in an organic, spontaneous manner. Describing their songwriting, Matt says, “We still work the way we did when we first met and played that first show – we just sit down and play, without saying anything, and good things spring up and take shape.” It’s this persistence and sense of organized chaos that makes Earth Heart who they are.

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