Moving On by Lily LambertMoving On by Lily Lambert.

It is not every day that a person commits herself to law school and graduates with honors, only to toss it all aside for the uncertainty of a future in music. But for singer-songwriter Lily Lambert, who was recently named IMEA’s Folk Artist of the Year for 2015, relocating from England to New York to follow her dreams seemed like the natural thing to do. Several years, and a couple of albums later, the award winning Lambert is back with her unique brand of addictive folk pop. Following up the critically acclaimed Life of Lily and So Far, her latest release in this musical trilogy is a cathartic exploration of lingering emotions that needed to be addressed in order to progress. The eight-track, aptly titled Moving On, is available July 1st.

Moving On sets the tone right away with “I Forgive You,” its opening track about forgiving past hurts. Lambert’s hallmark piano playing is center stage but is soon accompanied by bass beating faintly in the background like a heart which, intentionally or not, relays an awakening or a sense of coming back to life. The addition of uplifting light strings towards the end completes the overall feeling that life is getting better. 

“Thank You” is a light hearted, quick hitter that mixes up the instrumentation and showcases Lambert’s sound, but it does seem a little simplistic from a lyrical standpoint. “(Wanna Say) I’m Sorry” is an acoustic guitar heavy track that adds a tambourine throughout while Lambert hits all of the right notes while singing about the difficulty in writing an apology letter to a former flame. “Sitting here with a pen in my hand/Trying to figure out what to write/It’s been so long since I saw your face/I just want to make things right.”

“Change” thematically mixes things up a bit as Moving On approaches its mid-point. With a simple, but effective, bare bones opening, Lambert achieves an ethereal feel on this social justice track done in the lyrical spirit of Carly Simon. This intelligent pop/folk/alt rock track questions where all of the action has gone and why people haven’t come together to affect change in society.

“Say It Isn’t So” is my hands down favorite song on this release. A poignant piece about a man ending a relationship with her via a letter, “Say It Isn’t So” gets back to the basics of what is so alluring about Lambert. Combining emotive piano playing with Lambert’s vocals which simultaneously conveys strength and vulnerability, allows her to shine. The sense of loss in her delivery is heartbreaking but is also a testament to Lambert’s abilities as she sings “Tried to call your phone/Begged you to come home/Left so many voicemails/Friends all told me tales/Seems like everyone knew but me/Everyone knew but me.”

Completely shifting gears, “Rainbow Bridge” has a dream like quality to it that makes it fun and theatrical. “Wait for me at the rainbow bridge/I’ll follow you one day/When we meet at the rainbow bridge/I’ll never go away.” It is a feel good track with nice piano chord progression and is addictive in its simplicity. Moving On begins to wind down with “Lights Down Low.” Lambert seems to let go of all of the things that weighed heavily on her mind here with lyrics such as “Turn the lights down low/Play the music slow/Pour another glass of wine/Let the stars align.” There is a celebratory sense of starting fresh that will have listeners looking forward to her next release.

Moving On wraps up with “Pour Another Drink.” The instruments in the beginning simultaneously relays closure of the past and a welcoming of the future as Lambert sings, “Pour another drink in your champagne glass/Raise it up high and let the good times roll/Dance the night away like it is your last/Tonight we celebrate.”  The perfect ending to a near perfect release, “Pour Another Drink” is an anthem that encourages everybody to live life as they see fit without consideration of other’s expectations which Lambert seems to do with ease.

With Moving On, Lily Lambert bares her soul and invites us all to watch as she puts her past behind her and looks toward the road ahead. With a voice that conveys depth behind an angelic tone and relatable songwriting that grabs hold of listeners, Lambert is bound to eventually strike gold. Showing incredible growth since her debut a few years back, her future continues to shine a little bit brighter with every release the multi-talented Lambert releases. I highly recommend that fans of folk pop check her out. They won’t be disappointed!

Moving On is available July 1st, 2016.

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