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The Deafening Colors: Music To Your Ears

The Deafening Colors - New Jersey Indie Band

The Deafening Colors are an indie band from New Jersey whose melancholy pop with a surf-rock vibe draws comparisons to everything from The Beach Boys to My Bloody Valentine. John Arthur and Cristofer Slotoroff began recording together around fifteen years ago in various guises before settling on The Deafening Colors moniker in 2009, and releasing their debut album Upstairs in 2012.

Their sophomore album Carousel Season is available to listen to or purchase on Bandcamp, and the band (now a four-piece) began touring in support of the album early this year. Focusing on the emotive responses to their environment, in particular their formative years spent in such places as Atlantic City and Ocean City, the album was recorded last year at Cristofer’s apartment and the results are superb. Reviews across local Jersey publications have all been positive and rightly so; The Deafening Colors deserve a wide audience, so check out their sublime tunes and spread the word.

Recently, the guys ran a music video contest. Entrants could choose one of two songs from Carousel Season for their video, with a $400 prize up for grabs and the chance to have the video selected as the official music video for the song, shared across the web garnering the winner recognition and bragging rights. And it was our own Dave from IndieMinded who won the contest with his nostalgic entry for their song “Parkway South”! Congrats Dave, you rock.

The band shared the video for “Parkway South” on Facebook earlier this week and it now has 13k+ views! Watch it yourself to see what you’re missing out on.

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