Another Day Lost by Bruce Mountain BandAnother Day Lost by Bruce Mountain Band.

Formed in 2014 in Riverside, CA, Tyson Bruce, PC Penunuri, Ruben Ornelas, and Ron Moore brought their years of musician experience and a collective love of classic rock together to form Bruce Mountain Band. With each member also being a song writer, the guys quickly realized they had put together more than 40 songs. With so much material to work with, Bruce Mountain Band decided to put out a double vinyl release. Their 16 track debut, Another Day Lost, is available now.

Citing influences that range from, among others, David Bowie to AC/DC and KISS to The Ramones, Bruce Mountain Band covers a lot of ground on Another Day Lost. The musical versatility on this release speaks volumes to their talent as these guys can slam the hard rock  but can also slow things down for a sensitive ballad or pass a harmonica around to transition into an alt country rock vibe. The range of influence is obvious from the first notes of the opening track, “Shine On,” where a futuristic 70s sounding synth chord intros the song. It doesn’t take long for the drums and guitar playing to get things rolling on this dedication track to Bruce’s father who passed away at a very young age.

If you’re looking for pure hard rock complete with the shredding guitars, driving drum lines and power vocals, there is plenty to pick from on Another Day Lost. “Living Without You” is among my favorite tracks and would go over well with headbangers. The intensity knocks you over right out of the gate and it keeps that pace for most of the song. The tight musicianship will have you thinking these guys have been playing together forever and the guitar solo positively kicks ass. “Fireball” is another high energy track that will have fans of mosh pits looking for somewhere to bounce around. Its drums and guitars are on point and there is something about this one that had me drawing comparisons to Guns N Roses. “Crooked Leg” sounds like a 70s version of a Joan Jett song with its pacing but the not to be missed driving drums on this one make it a standout. “Get Up” is another track heavy on the rock with a noteworthy solo that allows the guitar to star. Some other tracks for fans of guitar solos include “Namaste,” “Second Hand,” and “Broken Wing.”

Just because these guys can bang doesn’t mean they lack a more sensitive side. The best example of this can be found on “Thank You.” The combination of the tempo, the guitar playing and the vocal delivery is reminiscent of Kid Rock circa the late 90s. Written in appreciation for Penunuri’s mother who was a single parent, “Thank You” lyrically grabs at your heart strings while maintaining its rock ballad core. “Feel It Too” is another strong track that shows vulnerability. While not as raucous as some tracks, the guitars and drums power through keeping the energy steady on this song about meeting and clicking with the right person. On the flip side and albeit a bit darker, “Woman” is a track about the mixed emotions of love. “I can live/I can live/But I can’t live with that woman.”

For all of its diversity of sound amidst its solid rock soul, some of my favorite tracks move more towards the alt country sound found on songs such as “Crossfit” where the harmonica makes an appearance. The opening of “Dollar Down” instantly creates a smoky western bar atmosphere. While generally gruff in sound, there is also a chill vibe that comes through while the fade out ending reinforces its old school style. Bruce Mountain Band wraps up Another Day Lost with the fitting and mellow blues based feel of “Long Way Home.”

Successful rock bands almost always share the same story. Members work the local scene with different groups and things go fine. They get gigs and receive some attention, but eventually, they hit a wall. Members move on to other bands and the cycle repeats. But sometimes, a little bit of serendipity from the rock gods enter the picture, all of the stars align and a band that naturally fires on all cylinders is born. Bruce Mountain Band is proving to be one of those bands. Another Day Lost is a valiant debut effort and a thorough rock music compilation that stays true to the band’s motto of letting rock, rock.

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