Female Ghostbusters - First official photo and posters There are many who aren’t thrilled about the Ghostbusters reboot. This post is not for you. But if you’re part of the fan pack who are proud to see the film first, then you’ll love that there are apparel designers out there with just as much enthusiasm! After an online search of many of my favorite indie tee sites, I’m bustin’ out a post which celebrates the funny female Ghostbusters. I haven’t seen the film myself yet, but I personally think Chris Hemsworth looks like he’ll be the source of many laughs… but alas, there aren’t any tees inspired by his character… yet.

Excited about the epic return of Slimer & the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Check out my other post 30 Ghostbusters T-Shirts where they make an impressive appearance. If not, let’s get on with it and reveal 16 of the best Ghostbusters 2016 T-Shirts to hit the shelves first!…

1. Keepin’ it Real – by mannypdesign

Keepin' it Real - Ghostbusters 2016 T-Shirt
(via TeePublic – $20.00)

2. GB New Guard – by Dooomcat

GB New Guard - Ghostbusters 2016 T-Shirts
(via TeePublic – $20.00)

3. Trap Queen

Trap Queen - Ghostbusters 2016 T-Shirts
(via Busted Tees – $24.00)

4. Who Ya Gonna Call? – by EllieMorlino

Who Ya Gonna Call - Ghostbusters 2016 Tee
(via TeePublic – $20.00)

5. Bustin Makes Me Feel Good – by Punksthetic

Bustin Makes Me Feel Good T-Shirt
(via TeePublic – $20.00)

6. Ghostbusters: Atlantic Magazine Cover – by Rory Lucey

Ghostbusters Atlantic Magazine Cover-6
(via RedBubble – $25.84)

7. Who you gonna call? – by hellboy

Who you gonna call? 2016 T-Shirt
(via TeePublic – $20.00)

8. New Busters – by PageBranson

New Busters T-Shirt
(via TeePublic – $20.00)

9. Ghostbusters – by craycrayowl

Ghostbusters 2016 T-Shirts
(via TeePublic – $20.00)

10. Safety Lights are for Dudes – by ArtByLPrentice

Safety Lights are for Dudes Ghostbusters 2016 T-Shirts
(via RedBubble – $25.12 Women’s Fitted Tee. Available on other styles.)

11. Jillian Holtzmann Portrait – by Olechka

Jillian Holtzmann Portrait | Ghostbusters Art Painting
(via Society6 – $24.00)

12. Ghostbusters – by shibuki

Ghostbusters 2016 T-Shirts
(via RedBubble – $25.55 Women’s Fitted Tee. Available on other styles.)

13. New Ghostbuster 2016 – by adekpoh

New Ghostbuster 2016 T-Shirt
(via TeePublic – $20.00)

14. GHOST DAYS – by tripart

GHOST DAYS - Ghostbusters 2016 Tee
(via TeePublic – $20.00)

15. Homage to Female Ghostbusters – by ToniaDee

Homage to Female Ghostbusters T-Shirts
(via Society6 – $24.00)

16. We Ain’t Afraid – by PageBranson

We Ain't Afraid T-Shirt
(via TeePublic – $20.00)

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