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Indie Band Spotlight: The DayBreakers

The DayBreakers.

It has been awhile since we’ve done a proper spotlight on an indie band, and it feels right to get it going again with an indie rock band based in Boston (a town called Wrentham to be exact) called The DayBreakers. I had a chance to check these guys out when they performed recently at Zorba Music Hall in Lowell during the New England Music Awards Last Band Standing competition. They did a great job, and I wanted to make sure the rest of the world checked them out.

The DayBreakers are a band blending folk-rock melodies with blues guitar muscle and rock and roll grit. The band have crafted their own sound on the backs of bands like The Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes, The Allman Brothers, and The Eagles. The music tell timeless stories of happiness, heartbreak, rejection, and redemption with rhythm that keeps audiences dancing throughout the night and lyrics that conjure emotions and memories from past experiences.

Be sure to check out their self-titled debut album, streaming below:

Keep tabs on The DayBreakers at the following links:

Website | Facebook | Soundcloud@DayBreakers145


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