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Away by Bassett.

Everyone is on their own journey in this life and the members of Bassett, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Josh Bassett along with bassist Tak Ozaki, are no exception. But sometimes, individual journeys collide in the best of ways to form something greater. In the case of Bassett and Ozaki, both were seemingly on their own musical treks as working musicians on the Los Angeles club scene when fate brought them together. Feeling a kindred musical connection with each other, Bassett was born kicking things off with their 2013 debut release, Vanishing. The L.A based alternative folk outfit is back with a brand new single, “Away,” the lead-off track from their upcoming EP, Ghost Hwy, available November 18th.

One of the best things about Bassett is its ability to imitate life. As Josh once explained, “I often feel like an outcast. Not just because our music doesn’t click into a current genre but because we have always gone down our own road and that’s what we offer…A genuine reflection of our journey through the human experience.”  And “Away,” is the perfect example of that reflection from its first notes. The mystical sounding psychedelic vibe that overtakes the acoustic blues opening on “Away” lures listeners in before introducing them to the broader symphonic realm where Bassett thrives.

Overall, “Away” is an exploration of sonic superiority offering the feel of a free spirit dancing around a fire in the limitless deserts of California, a frequent scene of inspiration for their upcoming EP, Ghost Hwy. Small peaks and valleys throughout the track seem to mimic the ups and downs of life while Bassett’s vocals are simultaneously gruff and soothing adding to his successful trance-like delivery. Bassett’s dynamic identity is always fluid and their refusal to commit to one genre or style, as always, keeps things not only authentic but also interesting.

Give “Away” a listen and let us know what you think!

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