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Watch: Idiot Heart by Don DiLego


Idiot Heart by Don DiLego.

Click below to check out the newest video from New York City-based indie alt-rock-country singer Don DiLego called “Idiot Heart,” streaming below.

“I was trolling YouTube late one night going down a Band of Horses wormhole. There were surprisingly less than I thought, and I eventually came across one that was shot in a wide western expanse in and around a beat up old cabin. I was drawn in immediately. It became apparent that this was not a Band of Horses official video, but basically a video some kid made while testing out his new drone and GoPro. It was incredible really. Simple and compelling. The guy’s name was Mike Bartle, and I was eventually able to track him down and pitched him doing an “official” video for me. He was thrilled and though I originally asked him to just shoot similar things that he had done with the BOH video, he got so inspired he returned to me an entire storyline video…for a different song altogether!

That tuned out to be “Idiot Heart”, which was the last song on Magnificent Ram A. It’s one of those videos where my best role was to just stay away, and let the footage speak for itself. The points of view that are possible with drone filming are astonishing really. He did a beautiful job.”

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