Umbra by The Y Axes.

We’ve shared quite a few of the singles that San Francisco-based indie pop-rock band The Y Axes, and now I am thrilled to bring to you the full new release, Umbra, which you can stream below.

“Umbra, for me, feels like a snapshot of the last few years, filled with internal struggles and a solidifying of a personal identity,” explains lead vocalist Alexi Rose Belchere of her band’s new album. “Having survived the recession, as well as the ever-fluctuating tech boom [and] the supposed death of the San Francisco music scene, the Y Axes felt like the last band standing. Doubting your purpose in a world that feels like it’s pushing you out, and finding your sense of community in such a desperate situation inspired songs that are about holding yourself up—pulling yourself out of darkness.”

The Y Axes were formed in 2010 by Alexi Rose Belchere (vocals) and Devin Nelson (guitar/vocals/synths) as a side project to the other bands they were in at the time. After years of dropping DIY releases and adding and dropping members, the band finally arrived at its current iteration with Jack Sundquist (bass) and Nick Schneider (drums) rounding out the latest iteration of the quartet.

Give a listen to the new CD! The Y Axes are one of my favorite “new-to-me-for-2016” bands out there. They’ve got a great sound that is prime for mainstream radio.

Keep up with The Y Axes at the following links:

Website | Facebook | Instagram@TheYAxes

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