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Watch: Look At The Man by Builder Of The House


Look At The Man by Builder Of The House.

Check out the new video for the track “Look at the Man” from Maine-based, indie folk pop duo Builder Of The House.

The video follows a day in the life of drag queen Cherry Lemonade. Taking viewers on a heartfelt ride as they follow the transformation from male to female, the vocals strike an emotional chord as lead singer Rob Cimitile commands you to  “Look at the man and see him/It ain’t easy keeping secrets/He runs around so hopelessly/Wanting peace.”  Between the vocals, the music and the visual storytelling, there is a depth of complexity that reaches deep within your core, allowing you to feel the layers of humanity inherent to gender identity issues all while stirring up comparisons to bands such as Timber Timbre and Fleet Foxes.

Builder Of The House was founded as a solo act in 2011 by Rob Cimitile. A year later he joined forces with percussionist/guitarist Elliot Heeschen after they clicked while playing together in the same Zimbabwean marimba band. Carrying over the deep world music vibe they had developed during this time, the guys released the well received EP, Hourglass, in 2015. Shortly after, Cimitile began experimenting by adding visuals to the band’s music. This artistic twist became the duo’s trademark garnering attention on the international circuit and winning Best Music Video at the MOVE Music Festival and the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema. “Look at the Man” is from their soon to be released follow up, Ornaments.

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