Fast Life by CRANE

Check out the debut single from Irvine, CA-based indie alt-pop-rock band CRANE called “Fast Life,” which will appear on their upcoming debut EP, Fear Of Flight, dropping in March.

Get a taste of Bobby Crane’s ability to tell a vivid story through his lyrics with “Fast Life,” a track that describes the quintessential tale of a girl who moves to Hollywood with stars in her eyes to chase attention and fame. Her life soon takes a grim turn, though, when she finds there is nothing below the glittering, superficial surface of stardom. In our era of obsession with likes and follows, the track can’t help but feel relevant.

CRANE, as it is now, had it’s genesis in early 2016 in LA, when Bobby Crane began recording his debut EP Fear of Flight with the help of young producers Jesse Rhodes and Mark Einhorn (Portugal. The Man). The EP has a distinctly recognizable sound while also seamlessly incorporating elements from a wide variety of genres, from electronic to hip-hop to punk. 

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