Mugshot by Rench

Brooklyn-based indie alt-trip hop-country musician and producer Rench has released his newest video called “Mugshot,” which will be appearing on his upcoming release, Them’s The Breaks.

Rench comes out of the gate swinging with an off the wall video featuring full size sock monkeys created by Jeni Lausch, This lo-fi riot of a video finds Rench at a sparsely attended dive bar that is soon invaded by out of control sock monkeys who are soon to be the subjects of the titular mugshots. Watching all hell break loose as Rench sings his lyrics about pride in civiil disobedience, one gets the feeling this video was probably as much fun to make as it is to watch. “Oh it was!” says Rench, reminiscing about their whirlwind one day shoot, “it was one of those situations where you can’t help but laugh after every take. We really let the ridiculous rule the day, and I think once someone puts that big sock monkey head on, they lose some inhibitions.”

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