Savior’s Hands by Colin Onderdonk

Hailing from the suburbs of Dallas, TX, 18 year old singer-songwriter Colin Onderdonk recently released his debut EP, Proximity Effect.  With firmly planted Christian roots, Onderdonk combines his faith and his music to create thought provoking songs that capture your attention. His latest single, “Savior’s Hands” does just that.

A psychedelic folk song with a touch of blues to keep things interesting, “Savior’s Hands” is a hypnotizing track that draws you in and takes you along for the spiritual ride towards redemption. It is a profound look at one man’s desperation at certain points in his life and the personal salvation that can be found by accepting the savior into his life. Onderdonk’s intelligent use of instruments alongside his deep vocals conceptualize the dichotomy of defeat and salvation that is simply astounding for someone so young in years.

With a sound that is said to fall somewhere between the avant-folk of Bon Iver and the guttural balladry of Antony and the Johnsons, Onderdonk is one to watch if you are a fan of Christian based music from a youthful perspective.

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Website | @theColinoc