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Single Review: Shipwrecked / Luvers Du by The Tigerlilies


Shipwrecked / Luvers Du by The Tigerlilies

Fans of post punk power pop in Cincinnati, OH know where to look when they need a fix. Ruling the local scene for more than a decade, The Tigerlilies have built a loyal following as well as a professional respect that has seen them open for acts such as the Violent Femmes, Joan Jett and Guided By Voices. Fresh off the success of the critically acclaimed 2016 EP, 123456, The Tigerlilies are back with a brand new single. “Shipwrecked/Lovers Du,” a double sided 7” is set to be released both digitally and on vinyl on February 17th. 

Founded by brothers Pat and Steve Hennessy along with Brian Driscoll and Brendan Bogosian, The Tigerlilies are focusing on the universal topics of love and life this time around.

As Pat explains, “These things are important to us because they represent a shared human experience. Hearing them reflected in song can bring people together, make them feel uplifted, reflective and just better.” 

The sonically infectious “Shipwrecked” does just that. An inspirational track that looks at relationships in life where people help each other out, often during tough times, “Shipwrecked” is about being lost before someone comes along to save you.  “Shipwrecked/I’m lost at sea/On an island, a casualty/When you found me, on your shore/You picked me up and more.” With pounding drums and addictive guitar work that keeps things rolling, “Shipwrecked” is a masterclass in blending power pop melodies and thumping garage rock. The result is a song that you’d raise a beer to while tapping your toes to keep up with the beat. “Lovers Du” picks up where “Shipwrecked” left off. This energetic B-side track has the band sounding tight across the board and will catch the attention of anyone looking for a retro punk, Ramones type vibe.

Fans of Buzzcocks, Cheap Trick, early Bowie and other such power pop rock acts will definitely find something they like in The Tigerlilies. Give them a listen and let us know what you think!

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