The Wild Life by The Big East

The Big East has dropped their brand new single, “The Wild Life,” off their forthcoming sophomore LP, Hungry Ghosts.

Hailing from North Toronto, Canada, founding members James Jones and Kip Daynard named their band The Big East after a river that flows through the area where they live. It is a place where isolating cold winters give way to warmer days that come alive with the help of a hopping local music scene. Consider “The Wild Life” their jump start on an infectious summer anthem.

Describing their sound as “cottage rock,” The Big East combines elements of mellow gold, timeless rock and indie pop and they do it well. “The Wild Life” comes flying out of the gate with a tight sound and vocals reminiscent of Don Henley. When everything comes together on this energetic track, you can’t help but think about your carefree days and embracing life as it came.

With driving drum lines and guitar riffs, a chorus that will have you singing along at the top of your lungs, and masterful hooks and harmonies that take you for a ride, “The Wild Life” is a current culmination of all of the greatest soft rock hits of the past. So if you’re the type of person whose day is made when a song from a band such as The Eagles comes on the radio, kick back, turn up the volume on “The Wild Life” and look no further than The Big East to cure your cravings for some addictive old school rock. They’re doing it and doing it right.

Hungry Ghosts is available April 7th, 2017.

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