Violence by Vaureen

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, grunge-gaze band, Vaureen, was born in 2011 when founding members Andrea Horne and Marianne Do met at a soul-crushing office job. Sharing the need for creative expression and music as an outlet, Horne and Do soon began collaborating as a way to escape every day life. “Vaureen” is a play on the French term “le vaurien” meaning something deviant or no-good, which is fitting as Horne explained, “Our songs are often nasty things being driven out by necessity.” In 2015, Vaureen added drummer Cale Hand to the mix and self-released their debut EP, Dirty Floor.  They are back with their latest effort, the three-track EP, Violence, available now.

Violence comes out swinging with “Tough Guys.” Opening with more than a minute of instrumental energy fueled by electric guitars and commanding drums, “Tough Guys” is driven by its rock based sound and vocals that are full of intelligent attitude. ”We don’t mind the violence/But we don’t call ourselves warriors/We suffer in silence/But still we can’t call ourselves warriors.”  The whole track has an underlying sense of imminent revolution and will leave you feeling like you should be fighting back against something, anything. Just fight.

“Evil” does the title justice by masterfully bringing together the guitars, drums and cymbals to create a forceful, if not ominous, vibe. When the vocals enter, they soften it slightly but there is still an unsettling sense throughout that prevents you from ever being completely comfortable. Strong lead guitar work by Horne works to calm that towards the end, but not before some creepy final words by the ladies who appear to be in full on “Redrum” mode as they declare “Nothing ahead/Nothing behind/We’re lost in flames/Evil drove us there.”

The final track and their current single, “Before the Rectangles Take Over,” is the standout on Violence. Its hypnotic psychedelic opening lures you in on this retro track that is highlighted by exceptional vocal harmonies against experimental distortion. The result is an airiness that lifts you up and makes you feel like you are floating away into a distant horizon that you can never reach. It’s one of those songs that can be interpreted to fill whatever need you may have at any given moment.

Violence by Vaureen covers a lot of different ground in just three tracks and 15 minutes. Combining elements of alt, psych and punk rock with the grunge of the 90s, Violence is essentially a showcase of Vaureen’s dynamic talent and broad range while offering hints of what’s to come in the future. As the saying goes, leave them wanting more. I for one, look forward to every “nasty thing” this group feels the need to musically purge in the coming years. Give them a listen and let us know what you think.

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