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Watch: Before The Rectangles Take Over by Vaureen


Before The Rectangles Take Over by Vaureen

Brooklyn-based psych, grunge-gaze trio, Vaureen, is back with a video for their latest single, “Before The Rectangles Take Over,” off their recently released EP, Violence

A beautiful track that blends 90s grunge with soft vocal harmonies to create a psych rock feel, the video for “Before The Rectangles Take Over” visually captures the sound perfectly. Unembellished in its presentation but complete in its delivery, the black and white video for “Before The Rectangles Take Over” is a lot like the guitar work throughout the song; often fuzzy and distorted with images coming in and out of focus. An artistic strobe light effect adds to the other worldly vibe before images of passing scenery from different views take over. The final scenes from above a city seemingly at rest while the vocals echo “sleep” are haunting in the best way. It’s edginess is unsettling.

Formed in 2011 when founding members Andrea Horne and Marianne Do met at a digital agency, Vaureen was born from their shared need to escape the monotony of every day life. A love of music provided the outlet they were both looking for and the two began collaborating. They chose the name Vaureen as a play on the French term “le vaurien” meaning something deviant or no-good. As Horne explained, “Our songs are often nasty things being driven out by necessity.”  In 2015 Horne and Do added drummer Cale Hand and released their debut, Dirty Floor. Their current EP, Violence, is available now.

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