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Listen: Casket Lands by The Builders and the Butchers


Casket Lands by The Builders and the Butchers

Portland, OR-based indie Americana folk-rock band The Builders and the Butchers have released a new track called “Casket Lands,” which will appear on their upcoming release, The Spark, available on May 19th.

“This is a pretty simple call and response folk tune about desperation.  On its face its a old story song, but a lot of the themes can be related to today.  The Inspiration for this came from my Leadbelly library of congress recordings,” singer Ryan Sollee reveals.

With comparisons to The Decemberists coming from Pitchfork and The Washington Post, among others, their brand of folk-rock is best served live. Audiences can look forward to lively performances, where fourth wall is broken and the audience is able to participate in call and response sing-a-longs. Sometimes the band will hand out instruments for fans to play, and they’ll even get down off stage to perform right on the floor.

The Builders and The Butchers formed in 2005. Ryan Sollee fronts the band, sings and plays guitar, joined by Willy Kunkle (bass, guitar, vocals, percussion), Justin Bair (drums, backup vocals, percussion) and Harvey Tumbleson (mandolin, banjo, guitar, vocals, percussion). The Portland-based band gained a strong following after years of playing anywhere and everywhere across the city. They quickly grew to become one of the most exciting live bands in Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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