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Listen: If Heaven by Mystery Loves Company


If Heaven by Mystery Loves Company

Houston-based chamber folk group Mystery Loves Company has released their new single, “If Heaven,” off of their upcoming EP, Revolutions.

The new track has its roots in the explanation singer-songwriter Carlos A. Machado was given of the concept of Heaven as a child. From what he was told, being good meant being sent to a mysterious place in the sky high above the clouds and that terrified him. The result is “If Heaven,” which lyrically examines the possibilities of what this place could actually be.

Filled with rich instrumentals that include the cello, bass, acoustic guitars and clarinets, “If Heaven” has a very fulfilling musical sound. Discussing the lyrics, Machado has said, “Some listeners have wondered if this is an anti-heaven song, which is an interesting concept in and of itself because it shows how we sometimes approach our spirituality as a pro or con proposition.”

Formed in Houston, TX in 2012, when a chance meeting at an open mic brought conservatory trained cellist Maddy Herdsman and self-taught Machado together, Mystery Loves Company has developed its own sound and is setting itself apart from the crowd. With its varied instrumentals and deeply layered vocals on songs that raise all sorts of metaphysical questions, Mystery Loves Company strikes a chord with anyone interested in such topics as social justice and spirituality.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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