Iodine by Cashavelly Morrison

North Carolina-based singer-songwriter Cashavelly Morrison has released a brand new video for the single “Iodine” off of her debut LP, The Kingdom Belongs to a Child.

A song about losing a son to gun violence, “Iodine” is the story of a grieving parent going through the motions of what used to be a typical day in her life. Dancer Dominica Greene put together an emotionally moving piece of choreography that relays the mother’s inner sadness but also her resilience and eventual empowerment.

Steeped in a gothic Americana folk vibe, Morrison’s haunting vocals show a visceral ache while husband Ryan McLeod’s work on guitar slowly builds a sense of emerging strength. Its heart felt lyrics, along with the music and Greene’s expressive dancing convey a universality of emotion that anyone who has suffered a tragic loss can understand.

“Iodine” calls for people to understand the commonality we all share in loving our children and emphasizes what really matters in life. As Morrison says, “No matter the circumstances of who is to blame, who did wrong, or the politics we play into it, there is a mother who, for the rest of her life, must bear what her son might have been, day after day.”

Check it out and let us know what you think.