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Listen: Surrender To The Night by PONCÉ


Surrender To The Night by PONCÉ

We are happy to share this new track from Nashville-based indie pop-rock duo PONĆE called “Surrender To The Night,” another track from their upcoming EP, Afterglow, which will release on April 28th.

Carson and Michael Poncé are identical twin brothers from Muncie, Indiana who have been playing music with each other since age 12. Coming from a musical family, the pair had an interest in music at a very early age. After one year of mandatory piano lessons from their mom Patty Poncé, Carson received his long sought-after guitar and Michael, his drums. Carson and Michael had one band throughout middle and high school with their best friend Jimmy Sandberg but soon disbanded when they all left for different colleges in Indiana. After two years at their respective colleges, Carson and Michael decided music was still a serious pursuit of theirs and decided to move to Nashville, TN. Finishing college was still important to the twins so they transferred to Belmont University in Nashville – Carson graduating with a degree in Songwriting and Michael in Video Production and Broadcast Journalism. After releasing a self-produced project under the moniker, The Poncé Brothers, in the Fall of 2013, the brothers joined as guitarist and drummer for Wisconsin transplants to Nashville, Daniel and the Lion. The twins then toured much of the U.S. with Daniel and the Lion and fellow Wisconsinites, PHOX, culminating with making a record with Daniel and the Lion at IV Lab Studios in Chicago, IL with producer Brian Deck (Counting Crows, Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine) in May 2015. Upon returning to Nashville, the duo started writing and demoing tracks for what would become their 2017 EP.

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