Untitled by Blue HoneyUntitled by Blue Honey

When Troy Brooks and Kassie Jordan left their respective hometowns to pursue their musical ambitions, they had no way of knowing what the future had in store. After years of individual success as solo artists, the two singer-songwriters met and eventually married, also merging professionally as Blue Honey. The Nashville based husband and wife duo has been a staple on the local music scene ever since. Combining Troy’s love for all things blues and Southern rock with Kassie’s focus on pop and country, Blue Honey created an addictive style all their own. Their country/blues/Americana sound shined bright on their debut, Blue Honey 1, and now they’re back with an attention grabbing two-track follow up EP.

“Angels Come Home” is a country pop track that might just blow the doors off this duo and garner them the national attention they deserve. Brooks’ vocals are smooth and soothing while operating somewhere between that line of being a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll, but never exclusively one or the other. When Jordan’s voice comes in, it adds a subtle sultriness to the track by infusing a touch of soul. The piano work that opens the song is captivating despite its simplicity and the ensuing guitar work only solidifies the musicianship Blue Honey possess. “Angels Come Home” is one of those songs where the lyrics and music are such that people can find different meanings in it to fit their own lives. It is not a stretch to compare its appeal to a Taylor Swift track.

“Hurts Just the Same” continues the harmonization on this song about the challenges of relationships and feeling unheard. Listeners will be able to feel the passion and pain in Brooks’ and Jordan’s voices which again, near perfection in their ability to compliment one another. But it is the varied instrumentation that drives this track, continually pushing it forward and giving it an alternative rock vibe.

Blue Honey is an act simmering with potential. While talented all around, the strength of this duo is in how well their vocals interact to create a perfect, ear catching harmony that is rare. In talking about this latest EP, Brooks said “…We feel that these two latest tunes represent our sound more than anything we’ve done as a duo thus far. Individually, we’re both able to bring different aspects of music together to make something we feel is very special.”  They’ve succeeded.

Blue Honey’s two-track EP is available NOW.

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