Glimpses Of The Sun by Natalise + The Sunset Run

Natalise, of alt-pop band Natalise + The Sunset Run, seems to be one of those people put on Earth with a predetermined purpose. Taking piano lessons at three, dance at seven, singing in the church choir at eight, and training at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music at 11, Natalise always had a penchant for performing. Taking those years of classical training into young adulthood, she continued her trajectory towards success after a college internship with a record label led to a recording contract, a tour and national airplay. Despite commercial success, Natalise wasn’t connecting to the work so she took matters into her own hands. She began writing uplifting songs that had personal meaning and immediately felt the musical fulfillment she’d been missing. Those songs turned into Natalise + The Sunset Run’s EP, Glimpses of the Sun, available now.

Glimpses of the Sun kicks things off on a high note with “Abandon,” an infectious pop track that sets the tone for the EP with its minimalist positive vibe before moving into the heartfelt “Love Unconditional.” Sticking with the theme of this release, “Love Unconditional” is about accepting everything that you are and aren’t at this very moment while staying true to yourself.  Natalise’s classical training shines through with a subtle musical opening that gives way to more involved instrument work throughout while her ethereal vocals showcase her range.

The soft sound that defines Natalise + The Sunset Run’s music is highlighted on “See Me.” Although it has a melancholiness that is rare with this band’s positivity credo, the piano, some backing strings and Natalise’s emotive vocals create a sense of loneliness with lyrics such as “If you see me, then see me/I’m growing in a sea of your cold, grey maybes/If you see me, don’t leave me.” Glimpses of the Sun picks up the pace on the upbeat “Headphones.” About being focused on yourself and tuning out the negativity, “Headphones” has a catchy chorus and a good time feel to it as Natalise sings “Lets put our headphones on/We’re not drowning/We’re invincible.”

Glimpses of the Sun closes with its defining song, “The Lucky Ones,” whose lyrics provided the title for the EP.  Written in response to people close to her who were diagnosed with cancer, “The Lucky Ones” is a reflective ballad about appreciating all of the good things you have in life. In a sense, it is a call for appreciation or, as Natalise once put it, “Remembering the small moments in life that really matter.” With soothing vocals and a timeless message, “The Lucky Ones” is the most universally appealing track on the EP.

Singer-songwriter Natalise leads the way on her band’s latest release with soft vocals, authentic lyrics and piano centric instrumentation in the style of influences such as Coldplay and One Republic. Overall, Glimpses of the Sun is a contemplative but fun EP filled with the gratitude, self-love and positivity that many of us too often lose while searching for whatever it is that we think we’re missing. Natalise + The Sunset Run will convince you that your own piece of the sun is there for the taking if you just stop looking so hard and find the beauty in the moment.

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