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If you are looking for some new music to check out as the weather gets warmer, take a listen to this new track from Vancouver-based indie alt-pop band Bad Pop called “Same House,” which is part of their new double A-side single, Same House/Masculism, which is available now.

With a sound reminiscent to bands like Vampire Weekend, Pixies, Pavement and Weezer, “Same House” is a track that could seemingly plant Bad Pop squarely into the summer festival circuit.

The first track ‘Same House’ is an intoxicating mix of the discordant mastery of Pavement, the lyrical and rhythmic tone of Pixies and the impish pop sensibilities of Weezer, while the second track ‘Masculism’ is a short sharp shot to the arm pulling riffs from Queens of the Stone Age and building to emotional crescendo akin to Wolf Alice while casting an ironic eye over modern masculinity. Bad Pop are behaving badly and old enough to know better. Frontman Chris says of the opening track: “Same House is actually the first song we wrote as Bad Pop and it’s taken a lot of different forms. There’s a straight ahead Rock n Roll version, a Stoner Rock version, and finally we settled on the version you’re hearing now: psychedelic disco pop. The song is about ignoring common wisdom and forging your own path in life, a youthfully romanticized idea that becomes increasing difficult to pull off and people stop caring about your “path”.”

The triptych of top-notch rock star talent that makes up Bad Pop is (Drum Roll…) frontman Chris Connelly, who is alternatively heart-warming and menacing – like a pissed-off Weird Al. Next up is superstar multi-instrumentalist Catherine Hiltz weaves melodic bass lines like a punk-rock bar-brawling PJ Harvey. Completing the triangle is drummer Aaron Klassen who was raised on a steady diet of Bonham and Grohl, and plays as if the snare just said something about his mother. In the band’s own words “we are serious about not taking ourselves too seriously.”

I am loving this new track, and would love to hear what you all think of it. Let us know in the comments below! Check out the full double A-side single below:

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