Runaway by Seafoam GreenRunaway by Seafoam Green

Check out the newest track from Liverpool-based band Seafoam Green called “Runaway,” which appears on their brand new release, Topanga Mansion, available now. 

Seafoam Green is the brainchild of Dublin-born singer, Dave O’Grady. They formed in 2011 after an encounter with Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes, which led to a long friendship writing music together and touring. All songs on the new CD were written by Dave O’Grady and Rich Robinson, and it was produced by Robinson.

“The first time I heard John Fogerty sing I was like “what is that!!?? and how do I do it?” says O’Grady and in tracks like ‘Down The River’ we can hear footprints of CCR as the track explodes with a whiskey-soaked, gospel-harmony, truck-driving classic rock power that’s just plain awesome. More melodic moments like ‘Celtic Wonderings’ shows another side with its contemplative accomplished folk finger-picking stylings and beautiful backdrop of pedal steel and strings and O’Gradys’ hushed well-worn voice rising above in a haze of wondering. “The thing I love about Irish folk music is the story telling, the poetic phrasing that passes through verses live waves over sand or stones, no two verses are the same as they are telling a different part of the story and project a different image.” Adds O’Grady.

If you haven’t checked these guys out, I urge you to do so now – you won’t be disappointed. There were some rumblings of an East Coast tour a few weeks ago, so stay tuned for some news on that, too. I’m sure if there are East Coast dates coming, there’s a good chance we’ll see Seafoam Green cross the country to see the rest of the US!

Keep up with Seafoam Green at the following links:

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