Lovely by Mike LiegelLovely by Mike Liegel

We are thrilled to bring you the premiere of “Lovely” by New Jersey-based indie singer-songwriter Mike Liegel. The new track will appear on his upcoming EP release, Stick Around, which will be available on May 12th. Liegel is a former baseball prospect, and I have to say, I am kind of glad he took a step back from baseball to pursue his other passion – music.

After discovering his passion for piano in his elementary years, Oak Ridge, NJ native Mike Liegel grew into a talented artist producing soulful tracks that are both upbeat and deeply emotive. As a singer/songwriter, Mike is able to showcase his focus to song craft using his calm and easy delivery that is a product of his natural vocal abilities and complete immersion into his music. (Mike Liegel)

Give a listen to “Lovely” and let us know what you think in the comments below. I have had the pleasure of listening to the entire new EP, Stick Around, and it’s a heartfelt and beautifully calm release by this suburban singer-songwriter.

Boasting six tracks, Stick Around kicks off with the upbeat first single, Stick Around.

Liegel had this to say about “Stick Around” when it premiered on Atwood Magazine:

“‘Stick Around’ is a about being helplessly in love with a girl who is afraid of settling down and is always searching for something better, when in reality the perfect guy is right in front of her the whole time,” Liegel told Atwood. “I wrote it in Brooklyn, NY, with producer and co-writer Andrew Seltzer. This was the first time I worked with Andrew and felt our chemistry right away.”

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