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Watch: Coney Island Days by Bruce Sudano


Coney Island Days by Bruce SudanoConey Island Days by Bruce Sudano

Check out the new video from singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano for his new track “Coney Island Days,” a song that Sudano says is about “missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential.” Look for “Coney Island Days” on Sudano’s latest release, 21st Century World, out now.

“I’ve always been somebody who writes about what I’m going through,” Sudano says, “because I believe that if this is something I’m feeling, other people are going to be able to relate to it as well. With this record, I’m trying to provoke people to think. I want to start a dialogue about what’s going on in our culture and our society.”

As if releasing a new CD isn’t enough, look for Sudano to produce a Broadway musical about his late wife, Donna Summer, who he was married to for 32 years before she passed away in 2012.

There really is too much to discuss about Sudano, he’s legendary and has touched many lives with his music over the years.

Take a moment to check out the new video:

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