Cross Your Heart by IbbyCross Your Heart by Ibby

Boston-based indie pop-country-folk singer Ibby has released her sophomore release, a full length CD titled Cross Your Heart, available today via Spotify & iTunes. Did I mention that she is just 18 years old, and still in high school? Ibby was also just nominated for a 2017 New England Music Award for New Act of The Year. Not bad for someone who is trying to juggle a music career with school work.

I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing more about Ibby as time goes on!

In Ibby’s own words, here’s what she has to say about Cross Your Heart:

About her sound: “I’m a singer-songwriter, so my songs in the past have had a more folk/pop sound. My newer music, as shown by this project, is a mix of sounds including pop, alternative, folk and even pop country.”

About the title and concept: “As a phrase, ‘Cross Your Heart’ has multiple interpretations. It is a promise that someone has your trust. It is a secret that you would ‘hope to die’ for. It is a warning to those who have too much heart to go around. It is an indication of your investment in an endeavor.” “As an album, ‘Cross Your Heart’ demonstrates the various interpretations of the phrase it represents. The stories on this record follow my life for two years…I have put all of my heart and time into this album and have fallen in love with every minute of it.”

About the songs: “Some of the songs on my upcoming record were written in the backseat of a car somewhere between Virginia and Tennessee, some were written on my bedroom floor, some were written on the front steps of record labels that didn’t know me, and some were written on napkins in a Minnesota airport (the acoustics were fantastic, believe it or not.) The way that I chose to approach this album was a bit more strategic, in the sense that I wrote not only what I felt, but also what I saw. Therefore, the stories on this album aren’t all things that I personally lived. They could be something that I witnessed, or something that I dreamt up, or something that I hoped for, or something that I didn’t understand (and spent the song trying to.).”

“My first priority when writing music is to get out what I need to express in order to keep on. The next priority is always to make these messages relatable to the common listener, mainly because at the end of the day, I am also a common listener.”

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