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Watch: Feel OK by GIRLI (ft. Lethal Bizzle)


Feel OK by GIRLI (ft. Lethal Bizzle)Feel OK by GIRLI (ft. Lethal Bizzle)

Check out the new video from London-based singer / rapper GIRLI called “Feel OK,” which features bars by Lethal Bizzle. Look for “Feel OK” on GIRLI’s new EP by the same name, available now.

“Produced by legendary grime producer Diztortion (Lethal Bizzle, Tinie Tempah), ‘Feel OK’ is a dazzling synth heavy, open-hearted anthem that captures a nuanced feeling that lands outside the pop norms of adoration, heartbreak and friendship. The single sees one of grimes most respected MCs, Lethal Bizzle, jump on the track with GIRLI for an exhilarating verse.

Speaking on the track, producer Diztortion says “GIRLI is such a refreshing artist, her lyrical approach is so different as well as the beat she chooses. I love working with artists who think outside of the box and she is definitely one of them! The game has nothing like her”. On the collaboration with Lethal Bizzle, Diztortion continues “I accidentally pressed play on the wrong record and Bizzle was like “What’s that, play it?” I told him it was a new project I was working on and he went mad, he loved the vibe instantly. We paused our session and showed him a video of Girli. He asked for an open space on the record to lay a verse and the rest is history!””

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