Radiator King Live In Somerville

Brooklyn-based, Boston-born artist Adam Silvestri, who goes by the name Radiator King when he performs, came through Somerville recently to play a live show at ONCE Ballroom, and we were there to capture every moment.

“In early 2017, Radiator King released his third full-length album, A Hollow Triumph After All. The record is at once celebratory & somber, deftly channeling the mood of a Crescent City second line, that holy brass-anchored yin-yang jazz-funeral tradition of New Orleans. A sacred and profound attempt to transcend pain, loss, and suffering by celebrating a life well-lived, while at once acknowledging the darkly tragicomic Catch 22 of existence—that we’re born to die.

“We’re all down here together,” muses Adam Silvestri, the singer, songwriter and creative force behind Radiator King. “What connects us is the strife we share in struggle. It unites us, it makes us do wonderful things. There’s this proverb in Eastern philosophy—within crisis is opportunity. I very much believe that. I think that what people connect with in music often has to do with pain. So building this record around the idea of a New Orleans funeral procession—it’s about finding a way to overcome the pitfalls in life, to face them straight on and find the beauty in doing that. That’s what character is in my opinion. That’s what integrity is. Those moments of crisis are where we learn what we’re built of.”

A Boston native now hailing from New York, Silvestri has been featured at outlets such as Brooklyn Vegan, Punk News, and Daytrotter. His latest Radiator King record was recorded at NYC’s Vibromonk Studios by producer/engineer Jesse Cannon and features an all-star cast of session players including drummer Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, NIN, Violent Femmes) and accordion player/keyboardist Franz Nicolay (The Hold Steady, World/Inferno Friendship Society). The bulk of the recordings were cut live to tape.”

All Photos were taken by Craig Michaud from Craig Michaud Concert/Event Photography.

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