Laid Out by Junior AstronomersLaid Out by Junior Astronomers

Charlotte-based indie post-punk-rock band Junior Astronomers have released a video for their track “Laid Out,” chronicles waking up somewhere and not quite remembering how you got there, which could be good or bad depending on what your idea of a good time is.

For fans of: Young the Giant, Local Natives, The Strokes, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Television.

“Over the past few years, Junior Astronomers have made friends and fans across the US through their touring and shows, supporting artists including Manchester Orchestra, Modest Mouse, All Get Out, Piebald, The Weeks, and many others. In between touring, the band has steadily written and released new music through a series of 7” EPs, all the while working on material for their new album.

Their new CD, Body Language, is a record about love, growth, and the inevitability of change through the course of life. The album thoughtfully portrays the nuances of coming of age, the complexities of relationships, and finding a new normal in a constantly changing world.”

Look for Body Language to release on June 9th.

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