Dark On Us by Lucas Oswald

Texas-based, but Missouri-born indie alt-rock musician Lucas Oswald has released a new track called “Dark On Us,” from his upcoming release, Whet, dropping on September 1st.

The common theme within the new CD is something close and personal to Oswald – depression:

“This aspect of the record is audible in tracks like “Passenger” which was “definitely influenced by working as a ‘sideman’ or playing ‘second fiddle’ to other artists’ visions,” Oswald shares, adding that “‘Long Long Year’ is also about being exhausted, trapped, and broke.”

“I always liked the phrase ‘whet your appetite,’” he shares. “So much of being an artist with compulsion problems,” he continues, “is this need to constantly whet a certain appetite. I love the definition of whet – ‘a thing that stimulates appetite or desire.’ When you’re depressed, there’s such a lack of that. So I liked the idea of the album being my own cathartic creation that would stimulate my own desire again.”

Whet also means to sharpen a tool, which Oswald took as a great metaphor for growth. “It took a lot of growth to make this album, and for me, as an artist, to sorta become the person I am now.”

Loving this new track, and looking forward to checking out all of Whet when it releases. Give “Dark On Us” a listen and let us know what you think:


Kelly Murphy
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