Gemini by Xan Griffin ft. WILDGemini by Xan Griffin ft. WILD

Check out the newest track from Xan Griffin ft. WILD called “Gemini,” a track that that Griffin hints is just the beginning of something much bigger.

“Ever the one to create music with depth and personality, the “Gemini” release represents Xan Griffin in so many more ways than one. With his birthday falling on May 24th, the young Gemini literally embodies the very emotions and intricacies that formulate the idealogy and structure of the song. There is no clear classificat, just quality musicality on display as Xan seamlessly integrates his style with WILD’s writing and lyrics. Keen on making what he coins “emotion evoking music,” Xan had this to say about his new release, “I based the song off of my personality which can be spontaneous or profound at the same time. WILD had written and sang the lyrics and I am so glad we had gotten to work together. The duet, which has both a male and female vocalist, represents the twin aspects of a Gemini and the lyrics speak to both the polarizing beauty and destruction of my lunar sign.””

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