Fast Love by Chaisley Lussier

Los Angeles-based indie vocalist, producer, and songwriter Chaisley Lussier has released a new track called “Fast Love,” streaming below.

The minute I hit play, I was INSTANTLY transported back to the 80’s and 90’s pop & R&B, and I LOVE IT. It reminded me of singers like Karyn White, Jody Watley, Sade, and Exposé. It was a great trip down memory lane, but don’t get it twisted – “Fast Love” has a very modern sound!

“‘Fast Love’ is a song about that moment of clarity when you realize that your desire and affection for your lover are all one-sided; that the relationship you’re invested in is simply one of convenience for the other person,” Lussier explains on the track. “The lack of true commitment is something we’ve all faced at some point or another. Love isn’t some trivial thing to be given away while looking around for the next best thing… ‘Fast Love’ is a reminder of that. It’s a song for the romantics at heart who are trying everything to hold on when their other half doesn’t care if they let go.”

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