Let The Whole World Disappear by Two Cities One WorldLet The Whole World Disappear by Two Cities One World

Bulgarian born singer-songwriter Anna Yanova-Cattoor and St Louis guitarist Jared Cattoor, better known as Two Cities One World, have released their latest LP, Let the Whole World Disappear.

The multi-cultural duo met as students at the Los Angeles Musicians Institute in 2012 and have been on a whirlwind journey ever since. Married in 2013, they released their debut EP, Together, 10 months later. The success of Together landed them a spot performing on a top rated reality show in Bulgaria. As seems to be the case with these two, serendipity intervened when the couple couldn’t return to the States due to a problem with Anna’s green card. Forever the optimists, the couple saw the travel glitch as an opportunity and spent the next three years building a fan base while working on their LP before returning to St Louis. As Jared explains, “That’s why our band name is Two Cities One World. We really have two homes.” The 12-track Let the Whole World Disappear, is available now.

Let the Whole World Disappear kicks things off with “I See the Sun,” an aptly named track about longing to be together, but keeping a positive attitude while apart. Pop with a touch of samba funk, “I See the Sun” wastes no time setting the diverse tone for this LP.  “Suga Daddy” continues the funk vibe with its interesting merge of current and old school styles while “Footprints” celebrates the diversity of the band as the language and the music seamlessly blend cultures on this heartfelt song. “Love Blues” is a lively pop song with equally impressive melodies, instrumentation and vocals that are simultaneously powerful and light.

Smooth and seductive, “Disappear” has a soulful jazz vibe and an almost R&B undertone that draws you in. “Honey Sweet Voice,” a song about living your dreams despite self-doubts, is one of the more intriguing tracks. Lyrics such as “Don’t lie to me boy/With your honey sweet voice/I am not your toy/I have made my choice” give a personality to the internal voice Anna is defying. “Let Me Know” and “Hungry for Love” continue to showcase the duo’s skill for storytelling as well as Jared’s versatility on guitar before moving onto the beautifully composed “How Come.” Like “Footprints,” Anna’s vocals are in her native language yet, through the universality of music, it is understood by all.

Let the Whole World Disappear  begins to wrap up with “She’s a Beauty,” a song dedicated to the dog they rescued in Bulgaria. Opening with Jared on acoustic guitar, “She’s a Beauty” creates an ethereal feel with airy vocals and playful lyrics. Two Cities One World is all about positivity and that shines through on the laid back “Bird Song.” The overall uplifting feel, guitar playing, lyrics and depth of the vocals, make this feel good track one of my favorites. The final song, “In My Dream” is the perfect ending to the LP. Its sound paints the picture of an intimate performance as Anna’s sultry vocal style is supported by Jared’s guitar work. It is an honest, empowering track whose authenticity allows for just enough vulnerability to make the song feel personal to anyone listening.

Bringing a mix of pop, funk, soul, jazz and Latin vibes, Let the Whole World Disappear  is a solid, yet varied, representation of Two Cities One World’s sound. With a soulful groove, and a personal chemistry that comes through on each and every track, Let the Whole World Disappear is bursting with positivity and truly embodies the spirit of using music as the common language to bring cultures together as one.

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