Pray On It by James Wyatt Crosby

Check out the new track from Toronto-based indie dream-pop / electronic artist James Wyatt Crosby called “Pray On It,” which was just released. This is the second track from his upcoming CD, Twins, dropping on September 15th via Maisonneuve Music.

A bit about “Pray On It,” from Crosby:

“This song originally evolved from a sample of an old piece of medieval choral music. The sampled track was in Italian, but to me, the sample sounded like the words “Pray On It” so the lyrics in the verses came from that.

As far as the lyrics go, I think it was me basically talking to myself and trying to pump myself up and give myself an empowering message. I wrote the original demo a few years ago, when I was in a bit of a creative lull and I was working in this long term care facility in my hometown. It was pretty intense because these elderly people were dying in front of me almost every day. It was a strange period for me, but it made me take stock of what I was doing. It made me get my shit together and start being creative again. I wrote a lot of music during and after that period.

I worked with different people to get all the sounds for this song, and everyone brought their own unique style. It’s interesting to work one on one with different musicians because you get to know their style and musical idiosyncrasies in a really intimate way.

When I used to play this song live with my former band Garbagio it was always our last song and it was really different from all the other songs because it was more electronic and sample based. I remember hearing people singing “Pray on it! Pray on it!” after some of those shows and that was really cool. The big chorus seemed to get people excited and I remember someone saying it was a “#1 fat banger” which is amazing and hilarious. —JWC”

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