Walls Fall Down by John Dennis

Check out the new video from Nashville-based indie American folk singer John Dennis called “Walls Fall Down,” which will appear on his upcoming new release, Second Wind, dropping on July 28th!

A bit about the track / video from John Dennis:

“In terms of total time spent with pen to paper writing each song for the record, “Walls Fall Down” was by far the quickest. It came to me in one piece, and was entirely written over a period of about 15 minutes at approximately 2am one morning after I had returned home from a  date with a girl I had just started seeing (and would continue to see for a while). To put it simply, we were both coming to the table with some serious emotional baggage, and neither of us were strangers to the crippling and self sabotaging fears that one develops after being in a string of unhealthy and ruinous relationships. What I remember being struck by is the fact that, whereas the dates themselves were refreshingly enjoyable and genuine, when the time came for us to say goodbye, it was as if all of  that joy suddenly collapsed and all of our previous defenses, our walls, went right back up. It was out of this observation, and my desire to actually try to cultivate something healthy and healing, that this song came about.

Lyrically, the song speaks for itself and plainly states what I actually wanted to say to her in those moments–and in retrospect what I myself really needed to hear–that in spite of all of those scars and reasons to believe that trying to love will always result in devastation, and vulnerability will always blow up in your face, the truth is it doesn’t have to be that way. Good love does exist; it is worth the risk; and we are all more than deserving of it. However, it requires we continue to abandon our defenses and realize that: no matter what happened yesterday or how broken it left us, happiness and the love we are looking for is still on the horizon.”

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  1. Can we just talk about this song for a minute? So like… AS THE GIRL THIS SONG WAS WRITTEN ABOUT I am still very deeply offended by this song. First off, the joy ended every night because every single night we hung out, we would have sex and he would immediately after, curl up into the corner of my bed and refuse to speak to me for an hour and then he’d leave. So it’s nice that he shifted the blame on to both of us struggling and not just me, a frequent victim of abusive relationships, reacting to the coldness and lack of affection he so frequently treated me with in the beginning of our relationship. And despite the pretty serious amount of of both emotional and sexual abuse I had faced in my relationship previous to him (which ended only 4 months before I met John) I did open up to him pretty quickly, whereas he kept me at a constant distance. Any wall i climbed over with him, he’d build another. That never changed even up until the end of our relationship. Yeah, he said he was true, but he was always looking for the end of that relationship while idealizing what it was and who i was to him with no consideration to who i really was as a person, just as he is idealizing everything in this song to the point it is completely fictional to reality. Despite my pain, I lived and loved, all the while knowing he was constantly disappointed that I wasn’t anything like another girl he’s also great at constantly idealizing his story with. This all isn’t said out of bitterness, it’s said out of disappointment that long past the end of our relationship, John is still writing me and our story this way, to make it pretty for everyone else. My story is not pretty. Continuous misunderstanding and misrepresentation of me as a person is not pretty either. And his hypocritical song is probably most offensive of all.

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