Dignity by Erin McCarley

Nashville-based indie alt-pop songstress Erin McCarley has released a new track called “Dignity,” and we’re thrilled to share it with you today. “Dignity” is McCarley’s ode to the Netflix hit show “Stranger Things,” and she had this to say about the track:

“Written for future family, I’m urging for dignity to make it’s mind up and hoping that we aren’t digressing from all of the social and emotional progress we have made as humans thus far.”

Look for “Dignity” to appear on McCarley’s upcoming release, Yu Yi, due out September 8th.

Give it a listen, and be sure to let us know what you think:

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  1. I’m actually kind of shocked at this sound… and not in a good way. I fell in love with Erin’s debut album Love, Save the Empty when I first heard it on the now defunct AOL Full CD Listening Party, a music stream web service that let users listen to albums before they were released. So I was wanting to hear more songs like Pitter-Pat, Love Save the Empty, and Gotta Figure This Out. Erin’s debut album is one of my all-time favorite albums. Every time I hear the amazing songs, I get such a sense of nostalgia( this album came out my freshman year in high school). It’s heartbreaking to see that gorgeous, ethereal, eccentric, emotionally invigorating sound sucked down the drain and instead we’re left with this mainstream sound… I am highly disappointed. I know real musicians/real artists evolve and get better musically, but this is just a turn for the worse. Perhaps she wants more success and mainstream pop sells, but this is just a travesty.
    I’ve tried listening to her second album My Stadium Electric numerous times, but I could not get through it. I mention her second album because this is when we start to hear a change, musically. Sometimes, artists do not need to change. Her first album was PERFECT. Where is that Erin McCarley? Where is she?
    And who is this? It’s like it’s a completely different artist! And that is not a good thing!

  2. Hey Jasmine –

    That happens sometimes… either our sounds or tastes change, or the artist decides to go in a different direction. I’m sad to hear you’re not diggin her new music. Hopefully she’ll win you back someday. Truly appreciate your comments.


  3. Wow, Jasmine—you took the words right out of my mouth!!! 🙂

    I, too, thought her debut album was great. Her second album was decent, but not nearly as good as the first. It felt like she was trying a bit too hard to be original. There were really only 3 songs on there that stood out to me: “Pop Gun,” “Re-arrange Again,” and “Amber Waves.” The rest of the album was respectable, but just not all that memorable IMO.

    Unfortunately, just about all her new stuff seems to have gotten far worse. She seems to be trying SO, SO hard to be original, but it’s just not working. Instead, she needs to focus on crafting memorable melodies like she did on her debut and stop trying to be some kind of “artiste.” 😛

    Sad to say, I consider most of her new stuff to be basically junk. Her music has descended from sublime and catchy to unlistenable and pretentious. 🙁

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