Six Questions With Dalton Deschain & the Traveling ShowSix Questions With Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show

Welcome to “Six Questions With…,” a series of interviews with emerging artists, musicians, and bands focusing on the music scene and how they live within it. It started as a quick, fun project, but has quickly gained serious interest, so we’re making this a permanent feature on the site. Over time, the questions may change, but the sentiment will stay intact. This is a way for independent artists to be discovered by new fans on a global scale.

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Next in the hot seat is New York City-based indie pulp-punk / sci-fi / horror band Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show. We’ve not covered them in the past, so we are new to their music! If you’re not familiar with Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show, sit back and enjoy! This is what is great about this series – the discovery of new music.

For those who may not be familiar, please tell us about your music: the type of music you play, where you are from, and how you got started?

Out of a lack of any better ideas, we’ve taken to calling ourselves “pulp-punk.”  Our style varies pretty wildly from song to song, but it definitely all has its roots in punk music, as well as a love for pulpy sci-fi and horror stories.  We’re from New York City and have been playing as a band for about 3 years now, although I played some of these songs solo for years before that.

As an artist, how do you define success?

Being a trillionaire and winning a big ol beautiful Grammy award, babyyy. Uhhhh… just kidding.

I dunno, I’m a huge comic book and horror nerd, and I think there’s this love among geeks for complex world-building that I try to sort of emulate through our music. There are recurring lyrical and musical easter eggs we spread throughout our songs, plus the short stories we write that accompany our albums. When someone takes the time to dig into that stuff, and really appreciates the full product of our efforts, that’s immensely satisfying to me. I think it makes both me and the listener feel a little less alone, because we recognize each other as being passionate about the same kinds of stories. Which is what geek culture is all about, is that connection, and I think my ultimate goal is to be able to be on the creation side of a fanbase like that.

What do you find to be your greatest struggle when it comes to the music business?


If you could only play ONE of your songs for the rest of your career, which one would it be?

Probably “Different Constellations,” from our last EP Roberta.  That song has such a musical and emotional build to it that I feel in my gut every time we play it.  

Who do you consider your greatest influences?

David Bowie is number one with a bullet.  Danny Elfman.  Stephen King.  Alkaline Trio.  I feel like our music is kind of a perfect cross-section of those four, haha.

Outside of music, what do you like to do that you feel contributes to the creativity that you tap into for your music?

As I said above, I’m a writer as well.  I write short stories that coincide with all of our songs.  I’m a very political person as well, which bleeds into a lot of our lyrics in sometimes not-so-subtle ways.  I love comic books and novels, and I’m actually currently working on a comic book adaptation of the Traveling Show story.

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